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φωτογράφος στην καρδιά

Antonio corneal

I currently live in the town of Lynchburg, Virginia USA, however, I grew up on the beautiful island of Trinidad in the West Indies, and have always had an eye for the arts from a young age. My love for drawing was nurtured by my parents, and I maintained it as a hobby throughout my life. As I grew older, my naturally keen eye was captivated by photography from the many family vacation trips I had been on as a young boy and teen.

In the years after I graduated from college, I decided to pursue photography more seriously, striving to become a master of the art, and gaining enjoyment in the process of doing so. I want each photo to be a reflection of myself, and I love to see people enjoy them!

Some fun facts about me: I love to play sports, primarily football (soccer), and my favorite musical instruments are the piano and steelpan. I'm a Star Wars and Star Trek fan, and I enjoy playing board games!

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